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I haven’t written poetry in 20 years, but I always wanted to start again. For me, poetry is packing a lot of feelings and thoughts in a small word count. This one is written in 30 minutes, and I know it’s unpolished, but I still wanted to let it free in the wild. I hope you guys enjoy it.

The Other One

You think you know me,

But you don’t.

“I” don’t know myself whole.

I know parts, sure.

This part here, the one you see,

She’s the nice one.

That’s why I’m sending her to you every day.

But there is another…

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Since becoming a software developer, I had the opportunity to be part of various companies, big and small. I’ve been part of corporations, scale-ups and start-ups, with 6 to 5,000 employees. Looking back at my biggest frustrations, I realized that all the companies at which I had the worst time (mentally, emotionally and professionally) had some things in common, and one thing stood out as being the worst of all. But let me first explain some software development basics to you before revealing what this common thing was.

Why software development is so hard

Fixing your car to change a light bulb

In software development, the…

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“Who wants to live forever?” says a famous Queen song. And even if you don’t want to live forever, you probably have a desire to age gracefully. What does that mean, actually? Well, for me, it means that as I get older, I want to keep my bodily and mental functions the same as they are now. In the end, nobody wants to live to a long age just to become dependent on other people or on some pills to stay alive.

What if I told you there is something that you can do right now to ensure that you…

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2020 was a hell of a year for a lot of people. It was a year that will be remembered in history as the year that turned the world upside down. Not surprising, the lack of socializing, the daily uncertainty about the future, topped by the risk of getting sick with a little known and potentially deadly disease caused a rise in depression and anxiety all over the globe. …

This is a letter to you, as you start on your terrifying, amazing and sometimes frustrating journey into the bowels of modern software engineering. I tried to summarize for you some lessons I learnt after 4 years and 7 jobs as a software developer.

Lesson 1. Decide what kind of software developer you want to be — it will be easier for you down the line

I will start with the very beginning. When I decided to change careers and become a software developer, my then-mentor said it would be better to learn basic programming concepts if I started with JavaScript, which may have been somewhat correct, and somewhat not. …

In Part 1 of this tutorial, we started a new LoopBack 4 project, then set up a new MongoDB instance running in a Docker container and created a custom database and a root user to log in to our database. Now it’s time to build the API endpoints for user sign up and login.

This article will follow closely the official LoopBack 4 tutorial about securing an app with JWT authentication:

Before we get started… this introduction to JWT authentication from the tutorial is very clear and helpful to understand the basics of the JWT authentication process:

LoopBack is a popular IBM library for building API’s fast and deploying them as micro services. It offers out of the box integration with TypeScript, Jest, Mocha and Docker (among others). In this article, I will share with you my noob’s journey of setting up basic JWT-based authentication using LoopBack 4 and MongoDB ran inside a Docker container. I followed this official LoopBack 4 tutorial for adding JWT-based authentication to an existing app and adapted it to include the Docker/ MongoDB set up (which was the most difficult part for me).

Throughout the article, I will often refer to LoopBack…

Let me ask you something really quick, but I want you to be dead honest with me. Imagine you meet the gal/ guy of your dreams. You two are perfect for each other. Everything they say and do makes you happy, and you feel they complete you in every way. But then you find out they had a lot of partners in their past.

My question is: do you care?

If yes, why? They are the most amazing person you ever met and you could be so happy with them, if you gave them one chance. …

Julia Mihet

Web developer, amateur runner, adventurer, geek, aspiring data explorer

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