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  • Mauliauus


  • Todd Reed

    Todd Reed

    Raconteur, traveler, writer, artist.

  • Jake Zuidveen

    Jake Zuidveen

    I write these articles, with the purpose of revisiting and improving the writing after being published. The goal is to write.

  • Maximiliano Contieri

    Maximiliano Contieri

    I’m senior software engineer specialized in declarative designs. S.O.L.I.D. and agile methodologies fan.

  • J Hinter

    J Hinter

    Frontend Engineer

  • Peter Baxley

    Peter Baxley

    Writing on health, nutrition, fitness, self-improvement, entrepreneurship and wealth generation.

  • Hezekiah Winter

    Hezekiah Winter

    Polymath, game dev, multimedia artist. Investigator of complex systems, propaganda, war and thought control. Architect of a future free from tyranny.

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