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Poem 21.02.2021

Julia Mihet
1 min readFeb 21, 2021


I haven’t written poetry in 20 years, but I always wanted to start again. For me, poetry is packing a lot of feelings and thoughts in a small word count. This one is written in 30 minutes, and I know it’s unpolished, but I still wanted to let it free in the wild. I hope you guys enjoy it.

The Other One

You think you know me,

But you don’t.

“I” don’t know myself whole.

I know parts, sure.

This part here, the one you see,

She’s the nice one.

That’s why I’m sending her to you every day.

But there is another one,

Living in the depths,

Somewhere where I rarely go,

And she’s a beast.

She was born long ago,

But now she’s asleep.

One wrong step, and she’s awake.

She’s a nomad,

Who wants to run away,

Never settles,

And despises these roots

You tied around her ankles.

She’s crawling under my skin

When you’re far away,

and she’s full of fire and lust.

She doesn’t speak reason,

only desire.

I hate her,

because she reminds me the name

of somebody

I shouldn’t speak of.



Julia Mihet

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