Let me ask you something really quick, but I want you to be dead honest with me. Imagine you meet the gal/ guy of your dreams. You two are perfect for each other. Everything they say and do makes you happy, and you feel they complete you in every way. But then you find out they had a lot of partners in their past.

My question is: do you care?

If yes, why? They are the most amazing person you ever met and you could be so happy with them, if you gave them one chance. Or are you of the opinion that “I don’t want what others didn’t want either”?

And now let’s draw a parallel to recruiting. If you have the perfect candidate’s profile on your desk, would you reject them for being a “job hopper”? Don’t you think you’re hurting your chances of bringing good talent into your company? Or you don’t really care, as long as turnover is low, candidates are a-plenty and the business is running?

Web developer, amateur runner, adventurer, geek, aspiring data explorer

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